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NVC Therapy Group



Mel Sears (CNVC Certified Trainer)

Location: West Seattle

  west seattle

Date and Time:

  Mon, Mar 25, 2013   
ends at 12 or 12:30 pm depending on how many people come


  Requested donation $30 to $40


  NVC Therapy group is for people who are intereted in growing and learning by working on their issues in a group. If you want to integrate NVC it is vital to learn it from the inside out. You can use this group to reprogram yourself, to heal from abuse or dissapointments, to finish business with Mom and Dad, to receive support and empathy from the group. You will learn how to use the skills of NVC by using them in real time. This space is like a living labortory. You can try things out, like expressing your honesty, in a safe space. Your empathy skills will grow here as will your healing and ability to be present.
This group may change to twice a month if there are enough interested people for that.  
Call Mel at 206-484-1763 to register.

Registration and deposit info:

  Call Mel at 206-484-1763

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